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Founded over 80 years ago when John A. McKenzie opened Marine Printers, one of the first companies to occupy the prestigious Marine Building in downtown Vancouver. Now in the hands of the third generation, Matt McKenzie and his brother-in-law Bill George, the company continues to respond quickly to client needs, honour deadlines, and deliver superior quality print work at a price that makes our clients happy.

“We have been working with some of our clients for more than 20 years and dedicate ourselves to providing the same principles of art, craftsmanship and service the company was founded on. Our history and experience shows in every project we print and every client that comes back time and again for the services we provide,” says Matt McKenzie.

Marine Printers stands apart because it started as a family printing business and stayed a family business, focused on doing great work and making our clients happy.

Marine Printers can now be found in the heart of Vancouver on East Hastings Street, conveniently located for clients downtown and across the Greater Vancouver area.

We Naturally Go The Extra Mile

Marine Printers has been serving Vancouver business with commercial print services for more than 80 years. Talk to our clients and they will tell you the reason they come back time and again is how easy we make it for them to get what they are looking for.

Making it simple

Getting the projects you need printed stress free is our goal from the initial print price to the moment you open your delivery. We understand that some print jobs are more complex than others and that often our clients need our printing expertise well before the ink hits the paper. Need to reduce printing costs? No problem. Need to match a previously printed job? We can help.
We know from experience that it’s our job to make you look good and we will do everything in our power to make this a reality.

Customers for life

Our track record shows that this is not just something we say in our marketing materials, it’s a reality at Marine Printers. We have some customers who have been coming back for more than 25 years and enjoy the quality of both the printed jobs and the experience we give them time after time.
Every person at Marine Printers is focused on meeting your needs from deadlines to last minute changes. We want you to be thinking Marine Printers every time you need to print.

Equipped for flexibility

At Marine Printing, we understand that having the right equipment is important, more importantly we understand that it must match the needs of our clients. Our current equipment has been chosen to provide the highest flexibility of services with the best finished product all at the most affordable price possible. In fact when our client’s needs exceed that of our current capability we have often updated our equipment to provide the services our clients require.

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