Restaurant Package – Menus

Opening a new restaurant or updating an existing one is an exciting time. With Marine Printers’ special Restaurant Package, you can get a completely new look while saving money.

The quality of your menus instantly communicates the quality of your restaurant to your patrons. We offer menus in a variety of styles with many choices of finishes and papers, so you can select the option that best suits your restaurant and budget. Whether you’re a diner that uses laminated folding menus, or a high-end boulangerie with custom linen paper specials, Marine Printers has what you need.

We are currently offering a complete restaurant package, including: 500 double-sided laminated menus, 2,500 postcard-sized mailers, and 5,000 customized cardstock coasters. Contact us for a specific quote based on your restaurant’s needs.

See what Marine Printer’s Restaurant Package has to offer.

Offered for a limited time only, exclusively from Marine Printers.