Marine Printers is pleased to offer our clients a variety of finishing and binding options:


Our folding options include: map folding, signature folding, soft folding, accordion folding, roll folding, glue folding, gate folding, double gate folding, French folding, miniature folding, remoistenable gluing and much more. From simple to complex jobs, we can meet your folding needs.

Hole Drilling

We provide high speed, precision drilling through loose leafs and books.


With our high-quality cutting machines, Marine Printers can deliver pieces trimmed to nearly any size and shape.

Sleek Binding

We can meet most binding needs, including printable spines. All binding is strong with a clean look.

Lay-Flat Binding

Lay-Flat is recommended for high use books, heavily coated, highly calendered, thick paper stock and books using cross grain papers (cookbooks, manuals, reference books, catalogues, swatch books, etc.).

Spiral Binding

Characterized by a plastic coil binding spine thread through holes punched along the edge of the paper. Spiral-bound books or pamphlets can be opened 360º and will lay flat when opened. Plastic spiral coils are available in a variety of colours.

Wire-o® Loop Binding

Wire-o ® binding is an attractive method of binding. It holds up well to high use and is available in many colours. One of the advantages of Wire-o ® binding is it can easily incorporate mixed paper stocks and weights in the same product. Additionally, foldouts, pockets, index tabs and die cuts and other creative options can be used in the Wire-o ® bound product. A hidden spine (wrap around cover) can provide a printable spine for Wire-o ® bound books. Wire-o® bound books can be opened 360º and lie flat when opened.


Marine Printers offers a variety of stitching types including saddle, side, and corner stitching.

Tipping-On & Gluing

We can glue end sheets, cards, fly-leaves to sheets and will insert into folded sheets. Inserts can be one of the most powerful direct marketing vehicles. And by tipping-on or attaching one component to another, the power of the insert is multiplied: the target market will be engaged by the interactive requirement (pulling the component off).

Custom Handwork

Our handwork services include collating, assembly, inserting, taping, gluing, packing, sealing, fixing and much more. We also offer round-cornering and both semi-automatic and manual shrink wrapping.

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Finishing & Bindery Options

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